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Has Covid Left You Eager to Visit People Again?

Learn how to visit a group of folks who suffered severe isolation during the pandemic: nursing home residents.
Thanks for Dropping By books will show you how.

Nursing home residents need pastoral visits. There's a Thanks for Dropping By book about pastoral visits.

Nursing home residents need family visits. There's a Thanks for Dropping By book about family visits.

Nursing home residents need friends' visits. There's a Thanks for Dropping By book about friends' visits.

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This series is planned as a set of four nonfiction books for different kinds of visitors: pastors, residents' family members, kids accompanied by adults, and just plain nice people who volunteer to befriend residents. Each book is to be no longer than absolutely necessary and each will include illustrations.

Two of the books are written, waiting for the artist to make them special. Which of the two is published first will probably depend on which one the public—that's you—is most interested in. If you give me your email address, I'll keep you informed about how things are progressing.

In addition, for being a supporter of this project, you'll get special treatment, including freebies and discounts. And, if you're really, really nice, I may even send you my address so you can visit me when I enter a nursing home.

Linda G. Aragoni

Thanks for Dropping By.

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